How to acquire the DVD?

The Feature disc has the release version of the film, with subtitles in six languages: French, Finnish, Dutch, Spanish, English, and Russian.

The "Extras" disc includes an introduction to the project, as well as a "making of" featurette. Also, there is a conversation between Marja (Sissi) and Marjo (Sissi's analyst) about Sissi's case. This is paired by an enlightening dialogue between Françoise and Thomas (Artaud, Antonin, Herlat...) about acting in multiple roles, as well as a piece that develops the analogy between music and psychoanalysis, and two more reflections on madness.

The disc also includes several short scenes that didn't make it into the final film.

How to acquire the DVD?

Instead of selling the DVD box, we ask you to support our new project, Madame B, inspired by Gustave Flaubertís masterpiece, by donating the worth of the DVD box set to help us finish this project. If you care to make a donation to support this endeavour, Madame B, here is the deal:

For donations of 25 euro or more, you will get the double DVD set for A Long History of Madness.

For donations of 100 euro or more, you get, in addition, a catalogue of the exhibition Landscapes of Madness: an exhibition held at Ars Nova, Turku, Finland in October 2011. This exhibition features used, but also and additional footage from the film.

How to become an official supporter of Madame B

1) Make a donation by bank transfer to our project account at the University of Amsterdam:

Deutsche Bank # 446607460
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Reference: WBS C.2022.0056.01 Mieke Bal (very important to add this!)
IBAN Code : NL56DEUT0446607460
Deutsche Bank, De Entree 99-197, 1101 HE Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2) Send us an e-mail detailing your support (date of transfer, reference and amount), so that we know to send you the DVD.

Please include your postal address in your message, which can be sent to: Margreet.Vermeulen[at]

We are very grateful for your support!
Mieke & Michelle